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Cafe/Restaurant Smart Solutions

Cafe Restaurants are amazing business where so many things need to manage to run smoothly. TradEngine is here to make your restro business easier and help you to keep focusing on making amazing food and services. We provide all coverage to your restaurant management with power technology. Cafe Version comes with dedicated modules for cafe business and restaurants.

TradEngine Cafe
TradEngine Cafe

Why TradEngine cafe?

  • Product Ingrediants Management

    TradEngine comes with the product ingredients management system which helps you to create and keep digital recipes and also automatically manage inventory when products get billed or production out. It also suggests the necessary quantity of ingredients while making a product.

  • Easy Product Selection

    Cafe version comes with versatile product selection mode which is easy and user friendly. You can use any mode, tap and select, list of products or select by image as your convenience.

  • Table & Take Away

    It gives you the opportunity to manage tables and takeaways. Tradengine comes to you with enormous facilities to accelerate your business from all means.

  • Memberships & Offers

    Membership management with offer management integration will provide you access to create offers and accelerate your business.

  • Kitchen Panel

    Kitchen panel helps you to go 'KOT' less and make kitchen order management easier and effective like never before.


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