Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TradEngine?

    TradEngine is a complete Cloud Business Management software. It makes your data easily accessible and enables your association to stay on top and access your data from anywhere at any time. It is designed as a POS system where all transactions can be done within. There are three standards of TradEngine POS (Point of sale) system: TradEngine Cafe, Trading and Resorts. In today's world, businesses are progressively adopting and integrating POS systems into their operation.

    Stand out in the competitive market and lead the way with TradEngine.

  • Can I try before I buy the product?

    The free trial for Trading, Cafe and Hotel is a full copy of the application.You can use the free trial application for a certain time period to understand how it works.

  • What is a Trading POS system?

    The Trading POS serves as the central component for your business; it’s the hub where everything—like sales, inventory and customer management.

  • Why is TradEngine better than other POS applications?

    TradEngine works as Smart POS where all the stocks, transactions and future predictions are managed by strong and errorless data analysis. It works in real time inventory management.

  • Can we add features in the applications on the basis of our requirements?

    TradEngine is designed in such a complete way that you can get whatever your requirement calls you for. Though, If you feel some additional features would be beneficial for your business organisation then, we will happily accept your requirements and work on it. The sort and size of your demand might affect the subscription plan you are using.

  • What makes our Trading POS a choice of many?

    We do not only deal with clients and sell our products but also believe in having a quality product rather than a quantity. We focus on business houses like grocery stores, all sizes of trading houses as well as mobile and accessories. A convenient shop which primarily sells a bulk number of goods keeping in mind to achieve profit in return where tradengine walks with them as an inventory. It manages supplier accounts and has an internal sales management system. Along with that it also manages real time inventory management.

  • Can I track Customer's sales?

    Of course! This is one of the key features of TradEngine Trading. We believe it should be a part of any POS software. You will be able to know the flow of products purchased and the details of buyers buying and also help your customers with their purchase histories and contact them to inform about your sales and specials, and incentivize them with loyalty programs.

  • What is a restaurant POS system?

    A restaurant POS system is a comprehensive software which simplifies a restaurant’s operations by automating them. This is suitable for all types and sizes of F&B businesses like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, quick service restaurants, bars, fast food chains, lounges, night clubs and even restaurant chains. A restaurant software plays a major role in growing their business, increasing efficiency and imparting a better customer experience.

  • What makes our restaurant POS a choice of many?

    Because we have an entire package of restaurant systems which helps your business to grow regardless of your type and size. If you own a hotel or a F&B business, you need this restaurant POS software to organize your operations which will support you to boost your business.

  • How will our order taking app be useful to your waiters?

    This rapid serving app organizes your order taking in the restaurant. It ensures that the dine-in and takeaway orders are delivered accurately through features like order taking, settlement, accept payments, print KOTs and receipts and such. It has a seamless integration with eZee Optimus online restaurant POS system and functions perfectly on your Android and iOS devices.

  • Why manage these restaurant online ordering systems through us?

    Connecting with these online food ordering portals expands your restaurant's reach to a vast clientele and amplify your revenue to the greatest degree.


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